About us

We are an elite group of business and intellectual property litigators. Our lawyers obtained their law degrees from Harvard University, University of Michigan, and New York University. All of us trained for years at some of the world’s largest and most prestigious law firms. We continue to focus exclusively on litigation, just as we have for the near century of our collective experience.

Results Oriented

Why are we the right choice? Simple. We win, whether representing plaintiffs or defendants. We understand that the definition of “winning” can vary according to the circumstances, which is why we tailor a particularized strategy to deliver favorable results within the context of each individual case.

Representing The World’s Premier Clients

We represent and counsel startups, individuals, and many of the world’s best known companies, including IBM, Sony, Samsung Electronics, MediaTek, Eventbrite, Postmates, Intuit, SerialTek, Intuitive Surgical, NBTY, Inc., Creative Mobile Technologies, National Semiconductor, Marvell Semiconductor, Shell Oil, Palm, Warnaco, Spring, Impax Laboratories, KV Pharmaceuticals, Charles Schwab, MBIA, The Macquarie Group, and Bank of the West.

Creative Partnerships

The attorney-client relationship is a partnership, not a business transaction. We understand that clients have different business and financial needs at different times, and that the economic structure of the relationship needs to reflect that reality. We’re not afraid to be bold and bet on ourselves by offering hybrid, contingency, and success fee engagements, in addition to standard hourly, partial-deferred hourly, and other creative fee arrangements.